Requesting A GameMaker Studio 2 Education Licence

If you are an educator and wish to use GameMaker Studio 2 in the classroom, you first need to apply to YoYo Games to get an Education Licence. Getting the initial licence costs nothing, but will require you to have made a YoYo Account and then contact YoYo Games and be verified as an educational establishment.

To create a (free) YoYo Account, please see the article here:

The email that you use for the YoYo Account will be the one that gets linked to the Education licence, so make sure that you sign up for the account with the correct email for your institution. If you already have a YoYo Account with a GameMaker Studio 1.4 Education Licence assigned to it, then this account can be used instead of creating a new one.

Note that if you have a personal YoYo Account then you will need to make another one specifically for the Education Licence, as you cannot mix Education accounts and Private accounts.

Once you have created your YoYo Account, you then need to get it verified for an Education licence. To do this, you must first go to the GameMaker section of the YoYo Games home page and then select Education:


This will take you to the Education portal where you should scroll down until you get to the section Get GameMaker For Your School. Here you need to click the Contact Us button:

You will then be redirected to the Contact Us page where you can follow the steps required to submit your contact form.


Once you have filled this out and sent it in, YoYo Games will be in touch with you to finalise the verification process (which may require further information from you or the institution you represent).

Once you have been verified, you can then sign in to your YoYo Account and on the licences page see the different purchase options for GameMaker Studio 2 (note that if you have a GameMaker: Studio 1.4 education licence then you may be eligible for a 50% off upgrade offer).

For more information on buying student licences for GameMaker Studio 2, please see the following article:

Getting GameMaker Studio 2 For Education



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