How to provide a DXDiag report

If you're asked to provide a DXDiag report as an attachment to a Helpdesk ticket, this is how to generate that text file we require.

On Windows 8 and 10, right-click your Start button and choose Run. Alternatively (or if Windows 7), press and hold your Windows key on your keyboard, then press R.

That will give you the Run dialogue. Type in "dxdiag" as shown below, then click the OK button.

When the DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens, it will start a progress bar to the left of the window. Allow this to finish, then click Save All Information.

It will ask you to create a new text file to save the logged information. Leave the name as DxDiag, but take note of where the file is to be saved, then click the Save button.

Now return to your web browser and your helpdesk ticket, then drag the text file from wherever it was saved and onto the body of the ticket. This will attach the file to the ticket ready to send back to us. Add the rest of your response and then submit the ticket back to us, and then we'll get the file. Thanks!

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