How to perform a fresh install of GameMaker Studio 2

Sometimes errors can be caused by corrupted files or other errors during the installation process. If there is potentially an underlying issue with your installation, our support team may ask you to do a fresh install of GameMaker Studio 2 to resolve the issue.

This is usually a last resort option, but can be used to solve a lot of issues.


Android Keystore

If you are an Android developer, please move your Android keystore file to a safe place before continuing with this guide.

To find the location of your keystore file, go to File -> Preferences -> Platform Settings -> Android -> Keystore -> Filename, the filename listed here is your keystore and this file should be backed up along with your alias and password information.

Other information and preferences are generally replaceable, but feel free to back up any information or take note of any values that you want to ensure can be re-entered after your fresh install.

Removing your Files


If you are using the stand alone client you will need to open Control Panel > "Programs and Features" and uninstall GM as you would any application.

If you are using GameMaker Studio 2 through Steam, you will need to navigate to your Steam Library and right click on GameMaker Studio 2 to select 'Uninstall...'

Ensure that the following 2 folders are deleted:



Open Regedit through Start -> Run and delete the following folders:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GameMakerStudio2
  • HKEY_USERS\ <BIG NUMBER> \Software\GameMakerStudio2



Drag the GameMakerStudio2 .app file to the trash

Ensure that the following 2 folders are deleted:


Note that .config is hidden by default. You need to open Finder and then press Shift + Cmd + . to toggle showing hidden files and folders.

Installing GameMaker Studio 2

Now you are free to re-install GameMaker from your Download Page.

Steam users will need to install GameMaker Studio via their library as normal.

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