Getting An Amazon Fire Licence

GameMaker Studio 2 permits you to export your games directly to the Amazon Fire target, permitting your projects to be run on those devices as well as be uploaded and sold on the Amazon App Store. There are various ways that you can get an Amazon Fire licence, which we'll outline below.


Get The FREE (60-day) Amazon Trial Licence

You can sign up for a free Amazon Fire Trial licence from your YoYo Account page. You'll need to sign in to your account, and then go to the Linked Accounts section, where you'll see the third-party accounts that can be linked to your YoYo Account:


As you can see in the image above, there is a section where you can link an Amazon account with your YoYo Games account, and doing so will permit you to use the Amazon Fire target for the next 60 days. Note that you will need an Amazon Developer Account for this.


Buy The Amazon Fire Licence

If after your 60 day trial (see above) has run out you want to continue to develop for the Amazon Fire target, or if you know that you want to publish to Fire devices from day 1 and so don't need a trial, then you can buy a licence to target that platform from the YoYo Games website.

You'll need to first make a YoYo Account, then on the Products section and click the Amazon Fire purchase option then follow the on-screen prompts.



Get The Mobile Or Ultimate Licence

If you buy the Mobile or Ultimate licenses, then the Amazon Fire target will be included as part of that licence bundle.

Note that existing owners of these licences will also have the Amazon Fire target added automatically to their licence now. File > Log Out and then log in again within GMS2 to pick up the new license.


What Next?

Once you have access to the Amazon Fire target, you can start to test and compile your projects to it. You can find more information from the following articles:






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