Mac IDE Beta Known Issues

These are some of the most commonly-reported known issues in our bug database already. (We'll add to this list as the beta period goes on.)

If your issue is listed here, there's no need to send us another ticket to report you get the issue also - thanks, though!

We're of course working on getting these fixed ahead of full launch.




Retina Display and fuzzy low-res icons

Automatic handling of Retina and multi-monitor support that mix retina and non-retina displays

show_debug_message() is currently non-functional


The Debugger is currently non-functional/debug builds are disabled

Function keys (F1, F12 etc.) not performed without settings change within OS to not require pressing Fn also

CMD+M to minimise the IDE is missing

ALT scrolling in laptop mode should be inverted

Room Creation code opening far away in room editor

Suggestion: Magic Mouse and horizontal scrolling support

Buttons and search field in the Help sidebar are obscured (DPI issue)

Code editor keyboard shortcuts (CMD/fn/alt + arrows)

Scrolling speed acceleration is very high when viewing the manual/webpages and in workspaces

Shift/CMD Keys getting stuck down when opening a file dialogue

Suggestion: Testing Mac VM builds to not require Mac App ID and Apple dev account to be set up already

CTRL+Right-Click on Resource Tree is multi-selection still, but this also triggers the popup (CMD needed for multi-select)

YYC doesn't work, gives " ... directory does not exist" errors


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