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GameMaker QA Sep 15 Known Issues

1.3.1434 is now out on the Beta channel (on Steam it's a new Beta branch called called beta-1.3) - please update! A 1.4 version is coming soon also.


With iOS 8 Apple changed the location your apps save/load their files to/from. As such, we have had to adjust to this new scheme. Our saving/loading now supports iOS 8 as well as iOS 7 and older, but you will need to rebuild and resubmit apps if you wish them to work on iOS 8. All new app submissions to the AppStore must be built with this version also, as you must have iOS 8 support otherwise your app will fail submission.

You will need to update Xcode to be v6 in order to make applications.

The pre-release version being discussed on the GMC (1.3.1415) is not a final release and has issues, so please do not use or share that version.


Please be aware also that Apple have made GameCenter and Instruments require you to enable the use of them in developer mode - otherwise, Instruments will throw a build "error" when deploying your game to your iDevice (same as it often does in iOS 7 anyway) and GameCenter won't even attempt to connect.

For Instruments: Settings > Developer > Enable UI Automation must be ON.

For GameCenter: Settings > GameCenter > Sandbox must be ON.


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