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Helpdesk Manager Oct 14 Announcements

What’s changing?

The YoYo Compiler (YYC) module has been removed from sale and instead each of the export modules will now include their compiler.


What is the YYC?

The compiler is built directly for the specific platform and deals with the code natively.  This allows for any code to be compiled a lot faster and means you have much more processing power for areas such as artificial intelligence, procedural techniques, real time lighting, enhanced physics, real time geometry deformation, collision and data manipulation.



Why are you doing this now?

Since the launch of the YYC many of our users have expressed a desire to have a compiler as part of each export module. We’ve taken on board our community’s feedback and we are now including the individual compilers with their respective Export Module.


How will this affect new users?

The price of any Export Module that includes a compiler will increase by $100 on November 6th. Prices for modules that will include the compiler at a later date will be adjusted at such time.

Which Export Modules will have the compiler included?

Currently Android, iOS and Windows (Desktop). However we are working very hard to add a compiler for other modules soon, with Windows Apps, Windows Phone 8, Mac OS X and Ubuntu YYCs coming soon.


Do I now need to export through the compiler only?

YYC remains an optional export type and does not replace the “virtual machine” export type (you will have two exports for each platform in your target drop-down).


Will this affect Steam users?

Yes, these changes will also be reflected on Steam although there may be a delay in the changes becoming live.

Do I have to pay anything extra if I own these Export Modules already?

No, you will be given the upgrade to the compiler for each module you already own, free of charge.  This will also include any modules for which we add a compiler target in the future.

I already own the YYC module from your website, what’s happening to me?

We have not forgotten about our users who have already purchased the YYC module and we will be contacting you soon with a unique offer.


Does YYC or this change mean I no longer need a Mac to build Mac/iOS packages?

No, this change has nothing to do with the requirement for using a Mac (or any other remote machines you currently need) when exporting for different platforms. Needing a Mac and Xcode is an Apple developer Ts&Cs requirement and you can’t bypass this, regardless of YYC or not.


How do I get this working with my project?

Have a look on our Knowledge Base for details on how to set up and use the YYC: http://help.yoyogames.com/entries/24468366. Please note that this export differs entirely from the normal platform export and you may run into errors that you are not used to seeing.  The YYC is very strict and won’t be as forgiving as the current export process.



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