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Core Tech QA Apr 17 Known Issues

The release notes for April's EA (1.99.97), which has just been released, mention a RSS feed for the advertiser extensions will be provided, but if you're quick in updating GM you may wonder where these demos are. This will be coming shortly - we're  packaging the feed resources and doing some final bits of commentting/formatting on the demos themselves.

Please note that these demos are only intended to be used with EA97 and later versions of GM: S, so running them in older versions will very likely result in an error about duplicate definitions (depends on which older version you're using) and almost certainly won't work.

Richard Gribble Apr 07 Known Issues

Update: 23 Apr. This API has been pushed onto the Steam Stable version now as well.  Please do not update, if possible! We remain in talks with Valve/Steam as to how we can resolve this issue and will update with further information as soon as we can.

This is caused by running the latest Steam client release, know as API v14 (2nd April 2014 on Beta, 22nd April on Stable).  To clarify, this means the actual Steam application, not GameMaker, and can be reproduced in all versions of GameMaker: Studio on Steam.

If your Help > "About Steam" looks like the following image you have updated your Steam client to the version in question:


At the moment you will not be able to safely call many external tools for tasks such as building Android apk's, running anything on Mac/Ubuntu, building for Tizen, etc. It also prevents you from accessing/updating Windows 8 licenses in file > preferences. This is because the Steam overlay .dll is injecting additional information about system processes into the call to the external tool. The tool then can't process this information and is unable to work successfully.




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