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Daniel Apr 8 Known Issues

If you have tried publishing an iOS app with ads in more recent versions of GameMaker: Studio you may have had issues compiling. This is due to incompatibility between older advertising SDKs and 64-bit versions of iOS. We are in the process of updating the demo feed in GameMaker: Studio with the new extensions, but for now you can download GMZs here in this post. Currently only Google Mobile Ads is available:

Google Mobile Ads »

Daniel December 22, 2014 GameMaker: Studio / General

Please note that unfortunately from 01.01.15 we will be obliged to charge VAT under the HMRC regulations below:


This will require us to make some changes to the information we require to enable us to establish the VAT rate applicable to the sale.

Under the new regulations from the HMRC we must keep applicable records for 10 years, however please be assured that information will not be given to any third party, unless legally forced.

If you feel unhappy about the new MOSS regulations (Mini One Stop Shop), then please see the link below where you can actively oppose this:



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