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Core Tech QA Apr 17 Known Issues

The release notes for April's EA (1.99.97), which has just been released, mention a RSS feed for the advertiser extensions will be provided, but if you're quick in updating GM you may wonder where these demos are. This will be coming shortly - we're  packaging the feed resources and doing some final bits of commentting/formatting on the demos themselves.

Please note that these demos are only intended to be used with EA97 and later versions of GM: S, so running them in older versions will very likely result in an error about duplicate definitions (depends on which older version you're using) and almost certainly won't work.

Richard Gribble Mar 13 GameMaker: Studio / General

Due to the recent Sale tickets have had an exponential increase.  This has also affected the response time greatly.  We are incredibly sorry for the delays you may face right now and we have no estimated response time, but please be assured we are answering your tickets as quickly as possible.


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