How To Get GameMaker Studio 2

So you've read about the new GameMaker Studio 2, and you've seen that it's in Beta and want to get your hands on it... but how? Well, it's really simple and we've outlined the steps for you to go through below.

Step One: Sign Up For A YoYo Games Account

To get started using the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta you will first have to have created a YoYo Account. This account will be where you complete the Beta sign up and is also your gateway to other YoYo Games features, like the Marketplace and licence recovery. To find out how to set up a YoYo Account, please see this article here: Creating A YoYo Account. Once you have created your account (or if you already have one) then sign in and move on to Step Two.

Step Two: Sign Up For The Beta

Once you have signed in to the YoYo Account, you need to go to the Licences section (from the user menu at the top).

This will present you with the page that contains all your GameMaker licences as well as the Download for GameMaker: Studio 1.4. For the duration of the Beta period there will also be another option to let you sign up for the Beta:

Here you simply need to click the "Join Now" button to get access to a Free Beta Licence.

Step 3: Download GameMaker Studio 2 Beta

If there were enough download slots available when you clicked "Join Now", the page will have refreshed and you can now download GameMaker Studio 2 from a link on the Licenses page:

While its downloading why not take a peak at some of the great new features here? Then, once it's been downloaded you can go ahead and install it and start testing them out!


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