Getting a Free GameMaker: Studio Standard License

So you want to get to grips with GameMaker and but are unsure if you want to pay just yet.  We allow you to use a free version for these purposes.  (To find out what features the free version gives you, please see our main page here.)


Firstly, you will want to create a YoYo Account.  Once you have done this, navigate to the licenses section.  This section would normally contain your licenses, if you have yet to add any GameMaker: Studio licenses then there will be a message displayed:

If you see this message then click the "Get a free GameMaker: Studio license now" section and you shall be given a license key.

You can then use this to log in to GameMaker: Studio.

Please note: The YoYo Account can only have GameMaker: Studio licenses added to it.

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