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Below you can find a list of all the Frequently Asked Questions about the GameMaker: Player. These are general questions for some of the things that you, the user, may wish to know about this exciting YoYo Games product. You can find further information and more details about things like how to create a player account, how to buy a game or how to upload your own games to the player from the dedicated articles found here: GameMaker: Player.


  • What is the player?

The GameMaker: Player is a free service that gives GameMaker: Studio users a place to share their games with the world. You can find more detailed information from the article An Introduction To The GameMaker Player.


  • I have the free version of GameMaker: Studio, can I upload my game to the player?

Yes, a Developer can upload their game as a free game to the Windows version of the Player, however you will be restricted to the number of games you can upload (see Player- Submission Rules And Guidelines). To learn more about uploading your game, please see the article GMS - Creating And Uploading A Game To The GameMaker: Player. (Please note this will not be available until the player becomes stable)


  • Does it cost to play games?

Developers are able to both sell their games or make them available for free. Users will have to pay the price that the Developers set for their game. For more information, see the article Player - Setting Up An Account.


  • Does it cost to make games for the Player?

All GameMaker: Studio developers, including those using the free version will be able to make their games available for the Windows version of GameMaker: Player. In order to make it available as a paid game or for other platforms, then a “Pro” license and additional “Export” license(s) will be required.


  • How do I get the player?

All versions of GameMaker: Player (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) will be available to download for free from our website,  


  • Is the sandbox being removed?

GameMaker: Player will replace the Sandbox and as such uploading to the Sandbox will be disabled. Sandbox content will remain available for a period of time until the GameMaker: Player is fully live.


  • Do I need to change my game to support the player?

Most GameMaker: Studio games that work on Windows will work on the GameMaker: Player for Windows. Developers will need to make some considerations if they wish their games to work seamlessly on all other platforms.


  • Are there any size limits?

There are no size limits at present but there is a limit on the number of games that you can have published at any given time. These are: 2 Games if you own a free version of GameMaker: Studio, 5 Games if you own GameMaker: Studio Professional, and 10 Games if you own the Master Collection. For further limitations and advice, please see Player - Submission Rules And Guidelines.


  • Revenue?

Developers are able to choose from a set of predefined price tiers if they want to charge for their games. YoYo Games will take the traditional 30% revenue share for maintaining the service.


  • Will games contain in-app purchases and advertising?

No, currently there are no plans to allow in-app purchase and advertising in free or paid for games.


  • How do builds work?

Building for the GameMaker: Player could not be simpler. Once you have made and tested your game, you select the Create Executable option within GameMaker: Studio. After clicking this you will be asked to log in before being able to select if you want to update an existing game or create a listing for a new game. You then select the version number for your game  and click the upload button. Once your game has been uploaded it will be available in the Developer section within GameMaker: Player. For more detailed instructions, please see the article Player - Creating A Game Listing.


  • How do I publish?

Publishing for the GameMaker: Player works in a similar way as publishing an asset to the GameMaker: Marketplace. Once you have exported/uploaded your game from GameMaker: Studio you will then be directed to the Player Developer Console. Here you can fill out your game’s metadata and choose to publish your game. You can get full details from the article Player - Creating A Game Listing.


  • How do I share my game?

Developers and Users will be able to share a game directly from the game’s page within the GameMaker: Player. They can choose to post it to their Facebook wall, Tweet about it or share a direct link to the game’s page itself. You can find more information on sharing your game (or any other) from the article Player - Sharing Games.


  • Is there an approval process for games being released on the Player?

Free games will be released straight to the player with no review process. Paid games will be reviewed prior to being released. For further rules and guidlines, please see the article Player - Submission Rules And Guidelines.


  • Will the player be in the educational builds?

GameMaker: Player will not be in the educational builds at this time. The core functionality of GameMaker: Player requires full internet access and as such will not function correctly within a typical school environment.


  • Will YYC work with the player?

GameMaker: Player games work of a different system to normal builds and as such there will be no YYC associated with it.


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