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GameMaker:Studio Roadmap

James Foreman
posted this on January 9, 2013, 15:56

This document aims to show our current roadmap, and while items may be dropped, replaced or delayed, this is the current list and order. If there is something significant missing, then you can reach us on the YoYo Games Forums and offset suggestions.

Items may also appear in beta mode before the actual version number changes to help with bug fixing etc.






Developer Services Portal

 - In App Purchases
 - Advertising
 - Analytics
 - Licensing



Extension Store



Extensions (iOS and Android)

Game Store (Publish)

Room Editor

Audio (ogg)

TrueType Fonts



Networking (multi Player)

Simple Flash Importer



3D WebGL

Spine Animation Importer




2D Animation runtime




Push Notifications






Version 1.1

Developer Services Portal (Beta)

    • In-App Purchases - Support for iOS App Store and Google Play - In App Purchase mechanisms
    • Advertising - Support for multiple advertising providers on iOS and Android
    • Analytics - Support for Analytics providers on iOS and Android
    • Licensing - Support for Google LVL on Google Play


Rewrite of the GameMaker audio system (functions), allowing much more comprehensive control of audio assets, including pause, speed and frequency.

Room Editor

Refocusing the “left click” of the room editor, which will finally allow access to enhanced features like cut and paste, simple moving, and mouse based scaling and rotation.

Version 1.2


FULL script compilation, aiming to provide a 10x speed increase to game code and logic. Cross platform support for Windows, iOS and Android.


Allowing simple shader creation for current Flexible Vertex Formats (FvF), while also allowing access to vertex and pixel shader constants.

Audio (ogg)

Add native ogg output for audio samples, permit the import of ogg files, add options to stream and compress audio to the user interface.


Add socket control and supply some easy access to results via the event system.


Bring full 3D to WebGL, and re-engineer the primitive builder allowing custom vertex formats and proper dynamically build primitives.

Version 1.3


Rewrite of the GameMaker debugger to include full source level debugging, break points and watch windows. Will also target cross platform support, allowing remote debugging of Mac, Android and iOS devices.


Windows and HTML5 already allow custom extensions, so this will add them to iOS and Android.

True Type Fonts

The ability to add True Type Fonts to your game from an external file and support for non-roman alphabet languages.

Simple Flash Asset Importer

Allow importing of certain Flash assets directly, including things like vector images, and PSD files.

Spine Animation Importer

Allow importing of animations created using Spine.

2D Animation runtime

Visualize in GameMaker any assets imported from Flash or Spine.

Push Notifications

Will permit you to use push notifications to inform the user of things on iOS and Android.


Integration of the Mobage SDK will permit you to use their social gaming network in your games.

Version 1.4

Extensions Store

The YoYo Games Asset Store where you can extend GameMaker using pre-made assets that you can just drop into your games.

Games Store

New version of the old YoYo Games Sandbox

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